X-Media has joined the ATC Group

Publisher as you, let me offer to you with X-media, the opportunity to place our common expectations in the heart of its software developments necessary for better benefit from our raw material: the information»

François Grandidier - President of X-Media Développement and ATC Group.

X-MEDIA has more than 20 years professional experience and is the preferred partner of the press groups providing, the company develops and distributes a complete range of solution for industry players of the print and the media.

With almost 30 employees, X MEDIA is a team of experts with a passion for the media who understand your business, are specialist in providing industry specific solutions and they want to let you benefit from their know-how.

Strengthened by years of experience and 350 customers across 25 countries, we stand ready to meet the new challenges of a changing business. Based on a solid and stable structure, we constantly evaluate tomorrow’s technology and integrate it.

With more than 1,000 press publications in the world produced thanks to our solutions, each new customer benefit from our experience and continues to be, for us, an opportunity to further improve our expertise in the fields of handling advertisement, typesetting, and printing technologies.

X-MEDIA offer a wide range of solutions that cover the following activities : advertising system, display ad production, automatic pagination, self-procurement portals, circulation, subscriptions, and all others activities of the communication & media sector.

Our users are not mere customers, but rather partners with whom we commit ourselves to evolve. We want to continue to guarantee full satisfaction to each one of them throughout the years.

Choosing X-Media solutions is also choosing to team-up with experts ready to apply their know-how to help you achieve the publication of your dreams !